Class profile

In 2011, 4L there are 25 students.
The class is a multicultural class with varying abilities from below average to above average students. Every opportunity will be given to group the children in both social and levelled situations allowing them to learn in different environments. Numeracy and Literacy will be the main focus throughout the year. There are 14 girls and 11 boys.
ESL students will be assisted by Tanja Webb according to needs basis. In our classroom Tanja will work alongside our students within class writing sessions, withdrawal and team teaching strategies in place to support learning in the classroom.
STLA support has seen the children attend in group sessions with a focus specifically on Reading, writing and grammar with Sia Radic which will commence in term 2. Students are on individualised reading programmes with one to one and group situation sessions covering a wide scope of learning.

The class participates in the community languages of Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Khmer or English every Wednesday at 2 - 3pm. Native speakers will be withdrawn Tuesdays from 12.20pm – 12.50pm.
Library lessons are Monday at 2 - 3pm..
There are a few students who are being monitored to further help on task behaviours and anti- social tendencies. Individual learning contracts are being devised tailored to learning needs and in consultation with parents, child and my supervisor Dave Ottmann.
One student has a health plan and is allergic to peanuts and egg.
4L is a happy and enthusiastic group of individuals with varying interests and an array of personalities and skills. We have also made Team building a focus and values are being discussed weekly. Together 4L is a strong class with whom I’m sure will have a fantastic and memorable year.

Identified Needs Analysis

There are a few individuals who require monitoring and may need referrals to the Learning Support team. I follow a process where I try in class strategies such as one on one conferencing, incentive and behaviour charts, isolation and family conference in cases where support and further steps need to be taken. A few will have Individual Education Plans to better cater for their learning needs and requirements.

If in class strategies seem to have little effect, I monitor and record behaviours before referring them to support.

STLA and ESL support is in class with supporting teachers’ team teaching within the classroom environment