Fairfield West PS, Area program Term 3, Year 3
MS2.2 Estimates, measures, compares and records the areas of surfaces in square centimetres and square metres
Recognise the need for square centimetres and square metres to measure area
Estimate, measure, compare and record areas in square centimetres and square metres
Knowledge and Skills
  • recognising the need for the square centimetre as a formal unit for measuring area
  • using a 10 cm ยด 10 cm tile (or grid) to find areas that are less than, greater than or about the same as 100 square centimetres
  • estimating, measuring and comparing areas in square centimetres
  • measuring a variety of surfaces using a square centimetre grid overlay
  • recording area in square centimetres eg 55 square centimetres
  • estimating, measuring and comparing areas in square metres
  • recording area in square metres eg 5 square metres
  • using the abbreviations for square metre (m2) and square centimetre (cm2)

Designer squares
Teaching measurement Book2, page 55
Students cut out and decorate a 20 cm square, using technique such as paper weaving or printing or splatter painting. Students predict how many of their squares will be needed to make 1 m2 and how many squares will be left over.
Extension: calculate the area of each tile and the cost of decorating at $3 per cm2.

Area of 10 cm2
Students use 1 cm grid paper to draw shapes which have an area of 10 cm2. Students record the area and perimeter of each shape.

How much?
Students use 1 cm grid paper to design their name plates. Students calculate the cost of reproducing the name plates if colouring costs $5.00 per square centimetre.
Extension: Find the total area of the numerals in a telephone number by drawing the numbers on 1 cm grid paper. Use the patterns from calculator numbers to draw. Find the total in square centimetres and record.
Students use a 10 cm grid overlay to find areas of approximately 100 cm2. Students calculate how many 10 cm tiles would be needed to cover the area of a small whiteboard/desktop/computer screen/other classroom items. Students record the grid pattern of 10 cm tiles and record their calculations.
Extension: How many square tiles of width 10cm would be needed to tile a floor 2m long and 1m wide?