Assessment and Reporting Policy
  1. Curriculum planning and programming
  • Teachers develop quality teaching programs that are appropriate for the stage of learning and which address the needs of all students.
  • Teachers will plan collaboratively with team members at term planning days.
  • Teaching programs will incorporate assessment as an integral component.
  • Teaching programs will indicate the outcomes being addressed, the teaching activities planned and the intended assessment strategies.
  • Written Assessments are to be formatted similar to that of the NAPLAN assessments so that students become familiar with the styles of questioning.
  • These assessments tasks will be collected and filed for future reference.

  1. Assessing
  • Teachers plan assessment so that:
-Students can demonstrate achievement of outcomes for the relevant stage of learning.
-valid and reliable assessment strategies are used.
-the timing, frequency and nature of the assessment processes are time efficient and manageable for teachers and students.
  • Teachers plan assessment strategies when developing teaching programs and will also make additional assessment judgements in the course of teaching.
  • Teachers use a variety of appropriate assessments for judging student achievement.
  • Teachers collect and record assessment information to:
-guide ongoing teaching and learning
-monitor and evaluate student progress
-report achievement to parents and relevant authorities
  • Broadsheets will be completed after comparing samples of work across grades in terms 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Assessment information will be recorded on school software each term to produce school reports.

  1. Reporting
  • Teachers will provide parents/carers, throughout the school year, with formal and informal opportunities to receive information about and discuss their child’s learning.
  • Teachers will provide parents/carers with a written report on their child’s learning:
-Term 1: Social Skills Report
-Term 2: Parent/Teacher interviews Semester 1 report
-Term 4: Semester 2 report
FWPS Assessment and Reporting Policy
  • Teachers will record information on how a student’s achievement compares with student’s peer group. The school will provide information on how a child’s achievement compares with the child’s peer group at the school, on request from the child’s parents/caregivers. This information will be collected by the principal from grade broadsheets.

  1. Assessments - Kindergarten
  • Best Start – on going
  • Maths and Writing – on going
  • Term 4 – Waddington Reading and South Australian Spelling

  1. Assessments – Years 1 – 6 Mainstream and adjusted for Students in the Support Unit
  • Term 1
-Reading – Comprehension, Vocabulary Extension
-Writing – Text Types – Grammar and Punctuation
  • Term 2
-Reading – Comprehension, Vocabulary Extension
-Writing – Text Types – Grammar and Punctuation
-Maths Diagnostic Tests – Y2 to Y6 and selected Y1 students
  • Term 3
-Reading – Comprehension, Vocabulary Extension
-Writing – Text Types – Grammar and Punctuation
  • Term 4
-Reading – Comprehension, Vocabulary Extension
-Writing – Text Types – Grammar and Punctuation
-South Australian Spelling
-Maths Diagnostic Test – Y2 to Y6 and selected Y1 students
-Waddington Reading Test 2