Creative and Practical Arts perspective

In today’s world, information and meaning are conveyed increasingly in a visual way. In Visual Arts, students express personal views, explore new ways of looking and seeing, investigate past, present and future worlds and use imagination to think, discover, invent and share new ideas. By creating and interpreting images and objects, students come to understand themselves and their world. Visual Arts helps to develop student’s competence in visual communication and understanding. Visual Arts develops student’s capacity to make and appreciate their own art as well as the art of others.


To guide student’s development of their:

· Understanding and appreciation of visual traditions and contemporary images;
· Visual perception, sensory awareness and imagination;
· Visual expression, communication, creative thought and action.

Learning Outcomes
The children will:

· Develop visual expression and communication by making artworks;
· Develop sensory awareness and imagination by looking and seeing;
· Develop an understanding and appreciation of images and objects of the past and present;
· Develop the ability to think creatively;
· Develop a positive self concept.