Behaviour Management Strategies
In class I focus on the positive reinforcement of students. There is in place individual star chart points given to students demonstrating the school rules. We also have in place a group award system to encourage students to work as a team.
Students are aware that if they break the school rules in class a warning is given and they need to think about what has occurred and what needs to be changed. Second mark against their name means they will have a one on one talk to me to attempt to refocus them. Third mark is removal from class, isolation within class or detention to make up the time. Consequence chart is displayed in the classroom with the steps to be taken. During this time they are part of the Responsible thinking where they fill out forms to identify what was the behaviour, what school rule was broken, and what they should have done. This is all recorded in the Behaviour Management book with follow up.
Records are used in Parent interviews to monitor student behaviour and develop better support programs for individual needs.
Fairfield West Public School Rules are constantly reinforced with questions directed to these which are displayed in the classroom.
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Good learner
When a rule is in question, students are invited to either verbally or in written form reflect and analyse upon what was broken, how this affects our learning and what now needs to be done to get back on track.