Welcome to Stage 2 Program and Resource site

  • You can go to any of the pages as all information here will relate to our stage and study for 2011
  • The reason for setting this up is so that we can access this from home or in class. We can also add links to good websites, add resources and attachments for the whole team to use.
  • This is my program. The vision I have is that with all of us planning across the stage, we could have our core plans here in this forum and have our assessments and evaluations separate to hand in with the adaptations used as each class is unique and different. Click through and see what you think. Where I have my own personal class and philosophy we could have a stage philosophy, vision and analysis of each class.

Ena Lakisoe

Dragons Demo
Term 4 Stage planning


Dave, Angela, Amanda, Mandy, Alisha, Nadine, Vanessa, Dale, Tanja and Ena